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To have each own’s reservation is a choice as a grown person. Gone are the days when the internet is a healthy outlet to dispatch your emotional baggage through blogspot, tumblr and wordpress and so on. Even facebook has its own blog feature before.

Today’s current virtual world is a circus. I am cautious of what I say or write/post not because I am fearful to be judged but because being an ignorant internet user is now very rampant and if being a troll is a disease, we have been in a pandemic for the longest time now and we are currently at the peak of it.

I guard myself and I encourage you to do so. Not only of what I publish but also on what and when to be affected and involved. If it cause you peace, then it is expensive and not worth it. However, not because you are not affected, it does not mean you have to keep quiet, we can agree to disagree to some things but not to human rights. End of quote.

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