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Hello World

This will be short and sweet. This photo has been taken more than a month a go since I started walking the dog every day at 7:00 pm.

What we are all experiencing in this current times seem so surreal. There are those who needed to stay home and there’s us who need to continue our work routine as this is a tough time for Healthcare workers and we choose to show up.

Breaking the daily routine is necessary for me; for my whole-being. I have decided to to create a personal routine in between work to give myself its well deserved quality time and care.

This will be a daily dose of photo/s that I may have taken or something to inspire me or have inspired me for the day. I will write what’s in my mind and what I feel as I want to look back in the future on how did I cope, adapted and grew.

This will be personal, raw and unapologetic.

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