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It has been a month since I am back to working out – new routines caused by the quarantine?

Morning workout to start the day gives me more energy. Burning calories give my body more fire for the day. It gives me happy hormones and makes me feel lighter for the rest of the day.

Fortunately a year ago, I have enrolled myself into a crossfit/HIIT/bootcamp gym in which I have learned a lot and it helped me go back to track of being active. I wanted to become more agile, like when I used to 20years ago. LOL.

I start with 5 minutes of stretching, an hour exercise, another 5 minute stretching and ending it with a 30minutes meditation a la yoga. It helps me clear up my mind, as if I am ready to fill it up with an impending chaos for the day. To feel the heat, the sweat all over my body, my fast heartbeat and my own breath trying to recuperate from a workout makes me feel more mindful – mindful of my existence.

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