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When life revolves around a certain routine, more likely than not, it becomes monotonous. How do we keep the fire burning when the day seems to revolve in what seem to be repetitive?

Ever felt like a robot programmed to do a certain task over and over again? Losing human connection was amplified by this pandemic. Even myself, who works in the healthcare realized that this is something we are unfortunately losing while implementing a scientifically based protocols, we tend to focus on results while not grasping the meaningful process. We say we care but we spend more time documenting for legal accountabilities. We show up but not always making our existence a substantial contribution into the process of someone’s healing.

The future of robots is already in the present. We are the product of this robotic world as we become enslaved by the system of profit over passion. We adapt to survive, we program ourselves to be geared with up to date softwares that makes as a hard-hearted product of consumerism.

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