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It’s the Anxiety you feel on a Sunday as if it is a day prior to an impending doom – the following day that you have to go back to work. Not that I dread coming to work but when I feel that the weekend is over and I have to dedicate another week to serve gives me Sunxiety – it gives me an irrational feeling of not being adequate to do the job or not well-prepared for some things that could possibly go wrong.

The dog-walking session helps me; it’s some sort of a therapy. It gives me a moment to breath and it makes me tired that helps me fall asleep easier.

And when I walk and still can hear that voice saying that I will ways be inadequate… I walk faster to feel my heartbeat racing, making me feel how I am in control of my life and that these voices are just voices and it should not be able control and affect me. I am in control.

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