The Expanded Multiple Roles Of A Nurse

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The Expanded Multiple Roles Of A Nurse

[I tried to have a brief relevant-seeking caption for these pics but ended up to a lengthy bloggy post.]

This pandemic has stretched the capacity of healthcare workers and so as the leaders.
The in-betweens in this two photographs do not show the consistent challenge of ensuring calm and organization while in a chaotic health crisis. You prioritize your team over your wildly growing hair, you adjust your schedule while you still can’t find the time to refund you covid-cancelled flights, you make yourself available to listen but you can’t even listen to yourself when it’s telling you it’s time to eat or rest. We do what we need to do – adapt.

What’s the formula in becoming an effective leader amid the pandemic? To accept the fact that you don’t know everything; that you do not have the answer to all questions but you can always help in searching and providing resources to find the correct answer. In short, just listen. Many of the healthcare workers seem to be whining about work but majority of the reason why is that they need someone to listen. Listen to them but make time to listen to yourself. Fill your own cup to be able to share it with others. You cannot fill others while yours is empty.

Thank you healthcare workers for continuing to show up. Whatever role you have – you play a vital role in the community especially at this current challenging times.

Hi, I’m Jeff. I’m a Nurse. I prefer not to be called the boss. I am a leader for my leadership is not a position; it is about people and for people. I am an advocate for the safety of every patient, healthcare worker and the entire community.

And I… thank you. Char. 😘

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